Carnivore Ecology                                   Biodiversity Conservation       Population Modeling                                    Species Interactions           Human-wildlife conflict                                     Exotic species



I investigate the impact of human encroachment, exotic species, and fragmentation on biodiversity. I use non-invasive techniques (camera trapping and line-transect sampling) to gather data and population modeling to estimate population parameters (ex. density, survival, occupancy) and assess the impact of these anthropogenic pressures on carnivores, primates, small mammals and bird populations.

I have been working in Madagascar for the last 15 years studying rare and elusive species to provide critical population estimates and make management recommendations. I have initiated numerous collaborations that allow me to investigate the impact of poaching and bushmeat consumption on Madagascar's wildlife, provide comparisons of carnivore and lemur population dynamics across multiple protected areas, and assess the impact of feral dog capture/removal programs on native wildlife populations.

  • Non-invasive monitoring of rare and elusive species

  • Population modeling, Mark-recapture techniques, population dynamics

  • Impact of fragmentation and anthropogenic pressures on biodiversity and species richness

  • Species interactions via co-occurrence and co-detection modeling

  • Addressing human-wildlife conflict, poaching, and conservation through education

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